Our Kitchen


Our highly skilled staff are waiting to serve you with delicious and mouth watering dishes.

Feel free to join us for nibbles at the bar while having a drink with colleagues or friends or head in to the restaurant for a la carte meal and try our speciality, the Porterhouse Steak so have a look at what we have to offer below. 

We also offer a special Light lunch menu Monday to Saturday 12-3pm.



Fried Squid, lemon mayo  8.5

Tiger Prawns chilli & garlic  9.5

Crispy Buffalo Wings, celery, blue cheese sauce  7.5

Sticky Ribs, soy sauce, sweet chilli  9

Fresh Homemade Chorizo Sausage, roasted peppers    8.5

Halloumi Chips, homemade chilli sauce (V)  8

Bread and Dips (humus, tzatziki) (V)  7

Mixed Olives (V)  4.5

House Speciality


Porterhouse Steak for Two 1kg 68.0

A sharing aged Angus Porterhouse steak, brushed with olive oil, garlic & rosemary. Served With Rustic Potatoes and Mixed Salad


Spicy Rib Eye 300g 22.0

Full bodied, delicate marble, infused with pimento & chilli

Chimichurri Sirloin 300g 22.0

Tender and succulent, marinated for two days with coriander, parsley, lime juice, red onion

Beef Fillet 250g 25.0

Lean & tender beef fillet marinated with fresh thyme and sage

Main Courses

Grilled Chicken  14.0

Sweet pepper, lemon zest & garlic marinated chicken breast

Mixed Grill  21.5

Steak, chicken, lamb T-bone

Porter Burger  17.5

Beef burger topped with Monterey Jack cheese, Bacon

Grilled Lamb T-bone 21.5

Garlic & rosemary dressing

Penne Pasta 19.0

Beef fillet strips & pink sauce

Sea Bass 16.5

lemon butter capers sauce

Black Tiger Prawns 19.0

sautéed with chilli and garlic

Chickpea Fritters 12.5

Mediterranean vegetables (V)


Rustic Potatoes  4

Skinny Fries  3.5

Sweet Potato Fries  4

Grilled Asparagus  4.5

Grilled Mushrooms  4.5

Side Salad  4

Peppercorn Sauce  2.5

Garlic Mayo / Homemade Chilli Sauce  1.5


Our Lunch Menu


served with fries and salad

Chicken Wrap  8.5

garlic mayo, tomato, onion, cucumber

Halloumi Wrap  8.5

roasted peppers, mixed leaves, chilli sauce

Steak Sandwich  11.5

sirloin, melted cheese, caramelised onion

Chickpea Fritters Sandwich  (v)  8.5

tomato sauce, vegan cheese


served with rustic potatoes and salad

Breaded Chicken   9.5

Fishcake   8.5

Grilled Fresh Chorizo Sausage  9



Penne Pasta, Chicken, Pesto Sauce  8.5



Marinated Grilled Chicken  9

Grilled Halloumi Salad  9

Sunday Sharing Platter 38.0


Lamb Chops

Marinated Grilled Chicken

King Prawns


Served With:

Rustic Potatoes & Mixed Salad


Available every Sunday 1pm to 8pm



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“A Great Find”

“Great place to catch up with friends. Great cocktails, Great staff &
great atmosphere”

“Delicious nibbles at the bar”

“What a lovely transformation.We went on opening night. Great friendly vibe. excellent choice of cocktails”

“We will be back”

“Great atmosphere.. fantastic food.. fabulous staff !!

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